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The show that started it all: The Pee Wee Snow Show

It was a cool and clear December day over a decade ago when the first holiday show took place. A month

or so prior, Miss Jen (aka the logo) came up with an idea. “Why don’t we have a Holiday Craft Fair at the studio?” she asked herself. Soon, the voices in her head began to answer her as they always do. She was filled with ideas of crafters, performances and Holiday Cheer. With the help of many parents and volunteers, the group contacted and arranged for vendors to arrive this fateful day. We had expanded the studio with a Lobby and play area in the basement of our Angel Road facility that year. Two dance rooms and a storage room made up the second level. The plan was to have vendors set up in the studios upstairs and to clear the basement area for a small performance by our pee wee dancers, today known as Little Stars.

Preparation began in the lobby area with a good cleaning and re-positioning of furniture to make a “stage” area. This was taped off and a sound system set up. Miss Jen did her first ever graphic poster board and had it proudly displayed. Any one interested in watching the performance would travel through the crafter and vendor area, down the stairs and stand in front of the performance area as the pee wees provided some entertainment. Set and props from previous dances were altered to become part of the festivities. The morning of the show came and vendors arrived with their tables to set up in the dance rooms. Dancers began to arrive and the event was about to start.

One of the things we failed to anticipate was how many people would want to come see this (relatively speaking) small show. Soon cars were lined up and down Angel Road on both sides after the lot filled up. Family, friends and relatives turned out in the hundreds to see their pee wees light up the performance area lining up an hour or so before the show started.

Soon, the line wrapped up the stairs, through the dance studio rooms and out the door. It was packed. Shortly thereafter the fire department showed up asking what the heck was going on and who was in charge-of course everybody told them the same thing-find Ted. We had never anticipated such a turn out and learned countless valuable lessons that day.

Over the years, the pee wee snow show has evolved into what we now call the Holiday Show. We have designed each one of our studio spaces with this in mind. We now have holding areas for our little stars, volunteers for bathroom runs, risers with numbered seating, ticket sale dates, costumes, a projector and 20 foot screen, graphics, lighting and more. It has expanded to incorporate the entire studio and is a staple every year in our program.

Preparation has expanded as well. Line ups and full run of shows fill the week prior to the performance. Extra rehearsals are added as the entire studio works hard to provide a show that tops the year before time and time again.

So, over the next few weeks we will have a lot of information going out and additional rehearsals, preparation, costume fittings and all things related to this performance weekend. These are the lessons we have learned over many years of this event. We try to anticipate every possible variable in an effort to ensure that the Holiday Show runs smooth so family and friends can enjoy the performance and venue. Every effort is made to highlight all of the work put forth so far this season by the hardest working dancers in the state.

Thank you to all of the many family, parents and dancers who have helped us grow this event over the years! It is truly a miracle to see how far it has come!!! #dtrihs2019

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