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Company Auditions (11/3/2022)

Company dancers compete at 3-5 regional events a year as well as a national event and potentially The World Dance Championships.  This is an 11 Month program with a set rate for monthly tuition.  


Team Requirements

All Company and continuing Debut Team members are required to purchase an official DTRI Team Jacket.  Studio practice gear, bags, etc. may be required from time to time.  All accounts must be kept up to date.



Company and Debut dancers will travel to local, regional and national events.  The studio will have a Hotel/Travel Page with recommended hotels and studio blocks .  Dancers are requested to stay in these blocks when arranged.

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Debut Team Auditions (11/3/2022)

Debut dancers are first year competition students and compete at one regional to start.  From there, they decide if they like the competition world and could continue for the rest of the season.  


Annual Team Fee

An annual team fee is required to become a member of the dance company.  This fee is per dancer and covers additional rehearsals, auditions, etc. for the year.  Fee is payable prior to auditioning, cost is $150.


Team Invitations

Invitations will go out in October and will be accompanied by a team contract. Info and tentative event and competition dates will be included (subject to change).  These will be due to be turned in no later than October 29th to ensure a smooth audition event.  

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