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The arts will survive….

After much anticipation, Dance Theatre of Rhode Island was able to return to teaching in person classes at our location on 30 Martin Street in Cumberland, RI. It took a lot of effort to accomplish this and we would like to thank all of the returning dancers and families as well as the Mayor of Cumberland, Jeffrey Mutter for his advice and guidance. Our staff was able to put a Covid-19 plan together following CDC, state and local guidelines that allows us to have small groups rehearse and train.

In addition, DTRI would like to thank the newly formed Facebook Group, Rhode Island Performing Arts Association. This group, founded by Hugo and Dana Adames, has been crucial in getting the Arts on the radar for the governor and her team. Their efforts have allowed organizations like ours all around the state to get back to what we do best.

Throughout this time and as the phases progress, DTRI and all arts organizations will continue to adapt using our inherent creativity to provide our clients with the Arts they so desperately crave. Another Facebook group recently created, Families for the Arts in Cumberland Schools, successfully swayed four of the seven members of the Cumberland School Committee to vote no on the worst case scenario eliminating several teachers in what amounted to an attack on the Arts within the public school system. Thank you to Sharon Marie and Jeannie Gomes for giving the community a dedicated place to rally and discuss this issue. It is important to keep the momentum you have created! As always, our facility at DTRI is available for whatever you need.

Small Businesses all around Cumberland have also begun to re open and it is quite a sight for sore eyes. Each business has had to overcome their own specific challenges in order to comply with the constantly changing regulations. Some may never reopen and will become a casualty of this uncertain time through no fault of their own. For those that do, it may just be the efforts by our residents purchasing and buying local, that determine our future. Now more than ever consider supporting the business community in Cumberland in any way you can.

We wish all of you the best as we all continue to work and adjust during this ever changing time!!

Ted and Jen Vecchio

Dance Theatre of Rhode Island


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