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Dancing into the unclear future and beyond.....

As we all try to decipher the new rules of society during this pandemic, many businesses are unsure of the future and if it will ever return to "normal". As a dance studio of 31 years, we have been labeled non essential as many other small companies have. While this is deemed necessary by our leaders and is understandable-it still hurts. With no possibility of having a definitive end to these restrictions, we are at a crossroads. So many questions regarding large crowds, social distancing, regional and national events and their future. Will they return and if so when? Will we still be here as a company? Will we make it to the other side and if so, what will the other side look like?

Unfortunately, we have not received any of the CARES Act funds which seems to have been drained by corporate America by design. As usual, sole proprietorship and mini companies (as I refer to them) with 10 or less employees will be left to fend for themselves once again. Our small, family style studio that has already been through so much will need to weather this storm with no real way to produce an income. As always, we will fight for it and continue to do whatever we can to keep the dream of our director alive.

Money has never been a priority for the Logo. As many of you are aware, she purchased the studio for $500 back in 1989 with a loan from her father. Soon after, most of the students left, all but 7. She held classes in a basement studio, building up her enrollment and never really having a billing system during this time. She used to put a basket out for tuition with a sign that read: "pay what you can". As she grew and changed locations, her talents lead her to become one of the most well known studios in the area, still charging significantly reduced tuition rates, comparably speaking.

We have been able to persevere through the tough times in the past using our work ethic. Staying late, opening early. Rehearsing while having no studio in our yard, setting up speakers on the grass. Holding year end artistic revues within our studio because we couldn't find an affordable venue. Taking no pay, only trying to keep the roof over our heads and the music on. Whatever it took, we would do. This situation however is different. No amount of work and effort can change this time in our history. We have to sit and wait, something that we have never done before. We are helpless during this time, just like so many others.

All we can do going forward is hope. We hope that things will be able to return to normal sooner rather than later We hope the dancers will look forward to coming back to the studio and getting to work. We hope that we can have a studio for them to return to. We hope that this virus that is attacking much more than our bodies, will soon pass.

In the meantime, we reflect. We reflect on where we came from and how far we have come. We see how despite our small size, we have stood next to some of the nations best talent. We have adapted as the industry has changed over the years. We have learned from some of the best and been able to perform our routines around the world. We have made lifelong friends along the way and taught generations of families. We have fulfilled the young 19 year old's dream, together.