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Spen Command Cracked Apk 20l




s pen to present, voice, Write the characters that you want, no matter where you are, using only voice. There is a cool and stylish version of the most desired Air Writing, Airpen and Air Command (Voice command) device. This device is easily accessible with a single touch, not only is this game cool but it's also easy to use. You don't need to know the code or know how to draw or write with your hand. You just need to talk to the Air Command. And this device can be used for free, for example, it can work and drive. Features:- ● Voice command is only required to use the device, no need to look at the screen. ● Prompts you the next letter when pressing the button. ● Easily accessible, the package is simple to install. ● The application is designed to be played on smartphones and tablets of the Android operating system. ● You can use any version of Android (4.0.3 or higher), whether on your phone or tablet. ● The application can be placed on any device that supports voice input and output. ● Charming characters, the application gives an air pen, but the characters are voice written, and the colors are chosen as a stylus pen. ● Audio notes and information about the application is added to the device menu. ● The character is displayed only when you touch the screen with your finger. ● Comes with a wide variety of characters, more than 12,000 characters. You can write characters, pictures, figures, Bopo, Kanji, Karakotori, Japanese and western characters. ● Record the speech and send it by email, WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Line, WeChat, etc. ● Save speech to a file and replay it, and if you have multiple devices you can send the file directly to your other phone. ● Voice commands can be activated using various languages, including English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, French, Russian, Arabic, Italian, German, Portuguese, Polish, Czech, Greek, and Turkish. ● Can write whatever you want. ● Recording and playback of the file at any time. ● As the application develops and improves, the cost will be unlocked. ● The application is free to use, but there are costs, the application itself is FREE, but if you




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Spen Command Cracked Apk 20l

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