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Dress Code

We are proud to partner with local business Labrie Dance in Smithfield.  Each picture below has a direct link to their website and they have are items on files as well!

Little Stars Ballet (<3-6)

Tights: 1917X/C BPK

Leotard: CC400C PNK and/or BLK

Shoes: 205T/X BPK

1917 BPK Tights_edited_edited.jpg

All Tap Classes, All Ages

Shoes: Black Oxford style (N625C Pat if they do not fit any black oxford) 

Attire: CC400(C) BLK and/or CC201(C) BLK & Black fitted leggings/capris

*No loose clothes* 


Junior, Teen, Senior Ballet (7 and up)

Tights: 1917(C) BPK

Leotard: CC400C BLK

Shoes: 205T/X BPK

Black Leo.jpg

Company/Technique Classes

Black Form Fitting practice gear or dance wear

Tights: 1917 LSN

Footwear: Nude pirouettes or foot undeez (Optional)

Comp Earrings: 12MMCP

nude piro.jpg
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